Accepting Apple Mobile Payments

Accepting Apple Mobile Payments

Despite having been available to the public since 2014, Apple Pay, the popular payment method offered by tech giant Apple, has been a slowly adopted method of payment among C-store owners. Whether store owners are afraid of additional fees to being weary of purchasing POS that will become obsolete soon, most stores haven’t hopped on the bandwagon as fast as Apple would have hoped.

It looks as though that’s about to change.

Apple Pay is On the Rise

The tide is slowly changing as other competitors have tried breaking into the mobile pay fray as well, but most stores are still not crazy about these new mobile payment methods. However, as C-stores continue to find ways to offer faster, more convenient checkout methods, Apple Pay is worth another consideration.

Customers who rely on Apply Pay swear by it, and with 12 million active users, it’s surprising that more stores don’t utilize compatible POS. However, it’s thought that only about 6% of total Apple users rely on the service.

One reason is Apple Pay hasn’t been adopted as quickly is that currently it isn’t compatible with most reward systems, although a fix is said to be in the works. Other store owners are concerned with upgrade costs, especially as the switch to chip enabled readers are currently underway in most companies.

However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive to allow Apple Pay at registers. And considering that over 300 national banking institutions are supporting Apple Pay, and more are expected to adopt this system as well, it makes sense to start finding ways to accept it at the cash register.

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Why Your Customers Will Want It

Users love the convenience of being able to pay with just their iPhone in hand; with just a press of a button, the transaction becomes complete, all without having to fumble for their wallet or dig through their purse. And because it’s linked to a series of safeguards and authorization methods, it’s difficult to skim.

While it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to completely overhaul your system just for one specific method of payment, adopting Apple Pay can give your store an edge over competitors. Currently, this is an incredibly niche brand of shoppers, but Apple Pay is ready to catch on. Currently 36% of U.S. retailers have adopted Apple Pay, with another 22% expecting to adopt it this year.

Altogether, mobile payment is the future of retail and shows no signs of slowing down. By 2019, it’s expected to be the #1 payment method in the country.

Get Fully Integrated with CStorePro

The good news is that your register isn’t going to be bogged down by slow payment times as Apple Pay works in real time with the user’s phone, and is linked directly to their bank account or credit card. They authorize the payment on their end, and the system ensures that you get paid. In short, you become the middle man during the transaction.

With easy integration with your existing POS system, CStorePro has recently integrated an option for secondary vendors, including Apple Pay. And with all the standard features such as inventory control, price book management, fuel management, and more; there’s never been a better time to take control of your business with CStorePro’s cloud-based management system.

Safe, effective, and most importantly, fast, it may be time for your store to use Apply Pay.


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