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So, you’re scanning at the POS, but now what? While most convenience retailers have progressed to scanning items at the register, many still struggle to maximize that data in a way that produces actionable insights about their c-stores.

Whether you’re an NFL fan or just someone who enjoys the commercials, you know the Super Bowl is coming soon. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days in food and alcohol consumption. As a convenience store operator, keeping tabs on the sports industry can play a vital role in your store’s performance.

There has been an undeniable trend in tax increases, regulations, and policy changes surrounding the distribution and sale of cigarettes. With tighter margins and dwindling volumes, it might seem easy to overlook the cigarette category and look to other tobacco products for the future.

There’s no doubt that gas stations are and have been known to be one of the safest investments an entrepreneur can make. They provide for a relatively simple and easy to manage business that typically yields high returns.

Whether you’re buying a new gas station or looking to introduce a POS system into an existing one, you might be wondering where you’re going to purchase your POS from.

If you’ve owned or worked in a supermarket, bar, restaurant, or retail store, then you’ve probably had some experience with a POS system. It’s the computer attached to most cash registers, and it’s what allows you to scan products, save transactions, create daily reports, make price changes, and gain access to a myriad of other useful managing features.

Advancements in retail management systems and technologies have helped businesses drastically simplify the retail management process.

Every successful business starts with a thorough and competent business plan, and there’s no exception when it comes to running a convenience store gas station. Developing a solid business plan will help you develop long-term goals, establish how to get started, define the scope of your strategy, and make sure you’re on track to running a lucrative and efficient business.

There’s a good reason why most of the big companies, franchises, and conglomerates around the world have developed their own unique slogans; it’s because slogans are great at promoting your image, brand, and potential for building returning customers.

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