By PDI CStore Essentials Team on May 21, 2019

Gas Station POS Systems For Sale: How & Where to Buy Used POS Systems for Your Gas Station

Whether you’re buying a new gas station or looking to introduce a POS system into an existing one, you might be wondering where you’re going to purchase your POS from.

Not all owners, however, feel the need to purchase a new POS system and opt to buy a used one instead. A used POS system might be more readily available to you, and there’s a good chance it will be cheaper than investing in new equipment.

Knowing how and where to purchase a used POS system will help prevent many of the common pitfalls that come with integrating any new technology into your business. Additionally, taking note of the tips in this article will help ensure you can make a confident and educated decision on which used POS system to choose from.

Previous Ownership

If you’re buying a gas station, one of the most natural places to start when looking for a used POS system would be from the previous owner. Often times, this might be a straightforward transaction. If you’re buying into a franchise that already includes POS support in the contract agreement, integrating the previous owner’s system into your own will be a relatively simple task.

If you’re buying an independent brand, however, or an independent POS system, then you’re going to need to evaluate the current physical devices against the POS system you’d like to integrate. This discrepancy leads to one of the most important things to consider: hardware.

Don’t Invest in the Hardware First

If you’re going to the internet or retail equipment stores to purchase a used POS system, do not start with the hardware. The hardware is the physical device used to power your computer system and software. The software, on the other hand, is the collection of code installed to your device that’s responsible for tracking transactions, controlling devices, providing daily and monthly reports, and giving you valuable data that you can use to develop your business strategies.

If you invest in hardware first, you run the risk of selecting a device that isn’t compatible with your POS software or business needs. It’s important to select your software first, and then assess which devices are apt and compatible with its system.

Use Your Own Equipment

Have you been in the retail business before? Do you have equipment from another restaurant, gas station, or convenience store that you want to incorporate into your new business? One of the easiest ways to save money is to utilize equipment that you own from previous businesses. Depending on what kind of hardware you were using, you may have everything you need in the comfort of your basement to run your gas station.

It’s true, however, that some POS providers will refuse to work with certain brands or outdated equipment. Luckily, there’s more than one POS system provider, and you have the luxury of choosing from one provider to the next.

One way to check if your equipment is compatible with a POS provider is to go to their website. Review their listing in the “hardware” section and browse their products. If the equipment you own is listed on their website, then you know it’s compatible. If that’s too much trouble, just give them a call and ask them if they’re willing to provide their software with the devices you already have in place.

Gas Station POS Systems For Sale Online

POS providers will present a myriad of system packages that include both hardware and software needs. While this simplifies the task of integrating a POS system into your gas station, there are cheaper ways to cull together suitable hardware.

Once you know which software provider you’re going with and have an understanding of the compatibility requirements, start with some online searches. From eBay and Amazon to Craigslist and other business forums, there are plenty of resources out there to search through and find the right hardware for your POS system. You can often find the same exact devices on general e-commerce websites for much cheaper than the brand’s website.

Deciding on a used POS system for your gas station can save you hundreds if not thousands in device costs. There’s no reason why any owner who has suitable means to a used POS system should feel obligated to purchase new devices.

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Published by PDI CStore Essentials Team May 21, 2019