By PDI CStore Essentials Team on May 16, 2019

Fuel POS: Why You Need PDI CStore Essentials

If you’ve owned or worked in a supermarket, bar, restaurant, or retail store, then you’ve probably had some experience with a POS system. It’s the computer attached to most cash registers, and it’s what allows you to scan products, save transactions, create daily reports, make price changes, and gain access to a myriad of other useful managing features.

When you’re running a gas station, however, a typical POS system won’t have the necessary functions to cover all the components of your business. Specifically, a typical POS won’t be able to compile data, track sales, and provide you with valuable reports regarding fuel sales.

Every gas station, including those with convenience stores, need a state-of-the-art fuel POS system to function at full capacity. A fuel POS system, in short, will allow owners to run all the normal operations of their convenience store or supplementary businesses (like a car wash or repair shop) while giving them access to their fuel sales dashboard, gasoline profit reports, and other fuel-related metrics and data.

Luckily, there are excellent fuel back office systems that work with POS systems, like CStore Essentials, who provide everything you need to manage your gas station, both inside the convenience and outside with the pumps.

Here are a few reasons why you need CStore Essentials for all your fuel POS management needs.

Fuel POS Management

There’s a lot that goes into managing a gash station. Along with inventory tracking, reports, and other analytics that go in in the convenience store, owners have to chart their fuel numbers as well as any supplementary services. This brings an especially unique demand to the task of running a gas station that requires a competent and easy-to-use fuel POS system.

When it comes to fuel sales, CStore Essentials has got you covered whether you have commission-based gas or full ownership. CStore Essentials' advanced fuel tracking system allows you to manage deliveries, payments, credit cards, jobbers, gas cash cards, and environmental reports. Your gas dashboard will tell you exactly how much you’re selling and your pool margins.

A fuel tracking system will bring all the demands from every part of your business into one, all-encompassing platform.

Fuel POS Tank and Inventory Reports

CStore Essentials simplifies the process of tracking and saving you daily and monthly reports. Our fuel management system will automatically log and electronically store your SIR/Tank information, leaving you with valuable time to manage other parts of your business and return to the reports at a time of your choosing.

Additionally, you can access and track precise pool margins, fuel inventory, and profit reports from your POS. You can get these numbers in before and after credit card fees and jobber charges, giving you clear insights into the hourly and monthly trends of your business.

Fuel POS Business Strategy

The best way to create a strategy around your business is by understanding the metrics that are being presented to you. By identifying certain trends, you can create new strategies around peak hours of your business or create a plan to combat a decline in fuel sales.

While the correlation between fuel sales and product sales might not be directly linked, more gas customers means a higher chance of someone entering your convenience store or supplementary services. This means that if your reports are signaling a decline in fuel sales, you need to reexamine your business to assess why. You might look to revamp your product placement, invest in marketing, or look at what your competitors are doing.

Building a successful business strategy starts with identifying the failures and successes of your business; CStore Essentials' fuel POS provides you with the vital information necessary to chart those developments.

Fuel POS That Allows you to Grow with Confidence

Along with providing everything you need to manage your entire business from a single platform, your CStore Essentials fuel POS will let you expand and manage your business with flexibility and confidence.

If you have multiple stores, CStore Essentials gives you the necessary tools to evaluate details, margins, inventory, and P&L cash flow reports for all of your stores. CStore Essentials streamlines this process by linking all of your stores into one account. You can monitor local trends or isolate specific transactions or employees from specific stores from the same place you manage the rest of your business.

On top of this, CStore Essentials' fuel management system is accessible from your store, tablet, or phone, meaning you can access a universal dashboard and reports anywhere, anytime.

CStore Essentials is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one back office solution for busy gas station owners. Our streamlined, detailed reports and analytics will provide you with the necessary materials to manage your business with ease. Take control of all aspects of your gas station, and try CStore Essentials free for 30 days.

Published by PDI CStore Essentials Team May 16, 2019