PDI CStore Essentials Product Enhancements Update  - March 2017

PDI CStore Essentials Product Enhancements Update  - March 2017

We are constantly developing our products to introduce new features and improve your experience. Here are some of the updates we launched recently.


  • Lottery Scratch-off Tickets Support - We have added the New Mexico lottery games into our data base for you to be able to import into your CStorePro account. We will continue to monitor all new Scratch Off games being added in the state of New Mexico and will add them to the data base as they appear.


  • Discounts and Secondary Credit Cards Support on Ruby Sapphire and Commander POS systems - We have added support for Shell Fuel Rewards and Plenti Loyalty mappings in day reports, in addition to adding the option to enable and map a secondary credit card vendor, like Apple Pay for example. For more information on discounts visit our Help Center here. For more information about second credit card merchants, click here


  •  Unpaid Expenses - You can now add unpaid/on credit expenses to your account. For more information visit our Help Center


  • Purchasing Report - We have added a purchasing report on the CPA level for your accountant to view purchasing history for a given period of time. The CPA will only be able to see store related purchases and deli purchases will still need to get submitted separately. 
    For this report go to Report Center> Grocery> Purchase:

    CStorePro Updates_CPA report.png

  • Default Store Settings - You can now change the default store in your multi-store account from your user settings. Follow the simple instructions here to change your default settings.

    CStorePro product updates_Change default store.jpg

  • Have you heard about our new Shelf Price Label Printing feature? Click here to learn more. 


Log in to your account to see how these feature updates work. 

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