New Feature: Shelf Price Label Printing

New Feature: Shelf Price Label Printing

We are happy to announce a new feature rolling out today to all our CStore Essentials customers, enabling you to print shelf labels for prices and promotions, directly from your account in CStore Essentials.

See how it works:


Using a Dymo label printer or a regular printer, you can now print labels on an on-going basis, whenever a new product is added to your store, a price is being changed or a promotion needs to be communicated to your customers.

You can print three types of labels using the CStore Essentials label printing feature:

1. Shelf Labels to display prices to your customers
2. Promotion labels to display specials
3. Scan tags to place on items that do not have a barcode (i.e. Novelty Items)


With this new exciting feature, you can bring more value to your customers by being transparent with your pricing and promotions. This is another step towards gaining full control over your entire store operations and activities, and we are glad to be with you every step of the way, helping you achieve your goals and make your job a bit easier.


For more information on this feature and step by step guides, please visit our help center.


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