By PDI CStore Essentials Team on April 24, 2017

Gas Station Management: Tips for Boosting Sales

For any gas station owner, standing out and gaining a competitive advantage over the competitors can be really tough, especially when the gas prices are on the rise. Customers always give preference to gas stations offering the cheapest rates, and if there is nothing special about your business, there are slim chances you will get a lot of repeat business. In order to make your gas station stand out, you need to take measures for improving your customer service, property’s surroundings, and security so that consumers have an experience that they remember and come back to your business.

Here are some useful tips for gas station management that can help you in boosting your sales and extending your customer base:

#1 Capitalize from your Convenience Store

A majority of gas stations have convenience stores on the premises to make extra sales. There are several ways you can improve sales, such as selling food items, keeping ‘hot’ items on the checkout, and others. You will see a significant difference in your bottom line, especially if your gas station is situated near a highway off-ramp.

#2 Pay at the Pump Service

Consumers today are more attracted to gas stations that provide the convenience of filling up their tanks without having to leave their vehicles. Because it eliminates the hassle of walking inside the convenience store, standing in line, and getting the impulse to buy other products, it is a preferred method. However, this convenience is somewhat a double-edged sword for your gas station, as you may get more customers, but have to compromise on the sales from your convenience store.

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#3 Stick to the Business Hours you have set

Nothing can annoy a customer more than driving to a gas station that is closed before the set business hours. If you open your gas station at 9, make sure you have at least one employee that punctually opens it on time. In case your employee doesn’t show up for any reason whatsoever, have someone on standby to carry out the task.

#4 Inventory Restocking

Whether it is your gas station or convenience store, you could potentially lose a lot of business by not consistently having products and fuel in stock. To make sure you know when and which product will run out, you should consider investing in a gas station management software that will allow you to keep track of your inventory and provide you with many other benefits for improving your business.


Using these tips, you can drastically improve your gas station management efforts and attract more repeat business. If you are interested in equipping your business with gas station software to better manage your gas station, retain more customers, and boost sales, you can  Schedule a Free Demo with us today to find out.

Published by PDI CStore Essentials Team April 24, 2017