Boost Coffee Sales at Your Store

Boost Coffee Sales at Your Store

Coffee is a staple product at gas stations and C-stores across the country. Because coffee has such a high markup, it can be a huge game changer for your business. However, finding new and innovative ways to increase your coffee sales that go beyond promotions and loyalty club cards can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you boost the coffee sales at your c-store.


First and foremost, make sure your coffee is fresh. This is one of the easiest ways to establish your business as a great coffee location; it is also one of the easiest things for employees (as well as management) to overlook.


One of the best things you can do is implement a brewing schedule for your employees to ensure that your coffee is always fresh and never burnt. Experts suggest changing it out every 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic flow and carafe volume.


By ensuring around the clock freshness, people will know that your establishment is a great place to stop for their much-needed caffeine boost. Some C-stores include a placard with their brewing schedule in view so that customers will know exactly how old their cup of joe is.

Maintain Cleanliness

This goes without saying, but it is often missed in many small establishments; nobody wants to dust off something they’re about to consume. Ensure that your coffee bar area is kept clean, both in terms of dust and spills. If you keep a clean coffee bar, customers will be more likely to purchase coffee from your establishment, rather than venturing down the road to a big coffee chain.

Don’t Neglect Other Coffee Bar Items!

While “coffee” is what moves the most; don’t forget that tea is actually the second most widely consumed beverage in America. In fact, on any day over 150 million Americans consume tea (iced or hot).


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Consider stocking a variety of other beverages besides your generic coffee. Experiment with different brews and flavors, and don’t neglect tea; especially in the summer months. Most Americans consume their tea in the form of iced tea, so having a variety of fresh brewed teas is a great idea.


There’s also been an influx of ready-to-drink coffee beverages that hit the market. Starbucks’ Frappuccino’s have been popular for some time, but they aren’t the only coffee giant making retail waves. Dunkin Donuts recently partnered with Coca-Cola to bring a line of iced coffee beverages to the retail environment. So while fresh-brewed is always a winner; don’t neglect bottled brands of coffee and tea drinks either!

Stock the Bar

There is no point in offering coffee if you don’t also offer the fixings to go with it. Creamer, sugar, flavoring, stir sticks, lids, shields, whipped cream; the list of items you can offer to compliment your coffee bar is endless. People like variety, and being able to customize their coffee beverage is a huge draw.


There is also little reason to offer coffee if you’re not going to keep tabs on the coffee bar all day. Don’t make customers hunt for what they’re after; if a customer must search for cups, they’re not going to waste their time. If there isn’t coffee made and ready to pour, a customer isn’t going to wait. Coffee, cups, lids, and all the fixings should be fully stocked always.

Use Online Inventory Management Software to your Advantage

The worst possible thing you can do to your customers is betray their trust. They trust that when they walk into your store, there will be a hot, fresh, cup of coffee waiting to be poured and customized to their liking. Therefore, the worst thing you can do would be to run out of anything.


If you use quality online inventory management software, you can ensure you never run out of the products you need that your customers demand. This not only helps keep track of your fresh-brew inventory; it also tracks your retail products such as bottled coffee and tea drinks.

Run Coffee Promotions

Coffee loyalty cards are a great way to reward customers for their business. Beyond that usual punch and swipe cards, consider ways that coffee sale can factor into your promotional efforts. With CStorePro’s price book management software you can easily combine items and set up promotions.


Coffee is always a big seller for the morning rush. Consider combining a cup of coffee with a breakfast sandwich, pastry, or donut for one low price. This is easy to set up in CStorePro, and can really maximize your coffee (and other) sales.

Get Ready to Brew Up Some Profits

There are many ways to reward and incentivize customers. Using some of the tips above you can make your coffee bar a destination for local and out of town customers looking to get their caffeine fix.


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