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It seems as if c-stores are always on the lookout for the next big thing to draw customers in. And while easier movie rental kiosks may get them outside the store, it may not be enough to entice them to come inside. But before you wind up spending your entire budget on the next big fad offering, it may be easier and more affordable to bring customers in.

In any business, excessive waste can lead to real problems. Beyond the time and effort it takes to manage, there can be harsh fines and penalties involved. Looking forward, there may be additional EPA regulations on the horizon that could become even more costly down the line.

When managing a convenience store, you’ll have to deal with one of the cardinal sins of the grab-and-go industry: out of stocks. Running out of a certain product, especially one in high demand, can be disastrous to your reputation as well as your wallet.

We are constantly developing our products to introduce new features and improve your experience. Here are some of the updates we launched recently.

One of the more difficult variables to account for in operating a c-store is inventory shrinkage. Inventory shrinkage occurs when items you thought you had in stock turn out not to be there. While this occurrence can often be a fact of life for any retail store, it can also contribute to out of stocks, and even increased operating costs.

One of the best ways to be ahead of the game in inventory management is to do inventory at the item level. Whether you own a single c-store or an entire chain of c-stores, you can greatly benefit if you have an item-level inventory management system in place to keep track of the status of each and every item in your c-store inventory.

When shoppers of today are opting more for quick-stop shops and less for big-box stores, it should come as no surprise that some of the largest chains are looking to capitalize on this format. We already know that Amazon and Wal-Mart are jumping on the trend, so it should come as no surprise that another retail giant is throwing its hat into the race.

We are happy to announce a new feature rolling out today to all our CStore Essentials customers, enabling you to print shelf labels for prices and promotions, directly from your account in CStore Essentials.

One of the hottest trends in today’s grab-and-go market is freshly prepared food. Whether it’s sandwiches, hummus and vegetables, fresh fruit, or simply a cup of coffee, consumers are leaning toward quick, fresh, and packaged items. 

But did you know that as a business owner, the packaging those grab-and-go options come in can be a fantastic marketing opportunity for you?

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