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How It Works

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What You Need to Get Started


• A windows-based PC onsite and connected with your POS system

• A Gilbarco Passport or Verifone Commander/Sapphire POS system

• Tobacco Scan Data credentials from RJR and/or Altria

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How long before I can start submitting files?
File submission will start right away once the week is complete. For instance, if we set you up on Tuesday your first file will get submitted on Sunday or Monday depending on the data providers' timeline. This way, you can start getting your rebates instantly.

Which rebate programs are supported?
Currently, we are supporting the following rebate program and will soon start others.

• RJR Scan Data Reporting Program

• PM USA Scan Data Incentive Program

• USSTC Scan Data Incentive Program

• PM USA AOM Scan Data Incentive Program