Tobacco Loyalty

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Stay competitive and drive sales by adding tobacco loyalty offers to your store.

How It Works


Want to learn more on how you can increase customer loyalty? Download our infographic today and learn 4 ways to improve customer loyalty.

Tobacco manufacturers now provide multiple levels of rebates on select tobacco products. When sharing tobacco scan data, you receive a buy-price rebate on every carton and can, as well as rebates on discounted multi-pack purchases.
What is tobacco loyalty?
Start receiving additional tobacco rebates when you add tobacco loyalty to your stores. Pass along bigger discounts to your customers and easily capture that data along with loyalty IDs to maximize your tobacco rebates.

What is in it for you?
PDI CStore Essentials provides technology and services to capture your tobacco scan data and build reports for tobacco manufacturers. When you add tobacco loyalty discounts on-top of your scan data rebates:
  • Build consumer loyalty
  • Stack promotions on-top of each other
  • Offer larger discounts to consumers
  •  Offer same discounts as your competitors 
  • No impact on your margins
  • No loyalty program required

What is in it for your consumers?
Offer in-store discounts for buying multiple packs/cans, loyalty discounts, or combinations of the two to pass along bigger savings to your customers and increase loyalty.

Loyalty Reporting for Tobacco Rebates

With enhanced loyalty reporting, your tobacco scan data reports are automatically submitted to tobacco vendors. Once submitted, you can begin to validate purchases to your tobacco manufacturers and receive rebates.


Capture Customers’ Loyalty ID or Phone Number

Have your customers join the Tobacco Loyalty program by entering a loyalty ID or phone number at the POS.


Issue Tobacco Discounts

Pass along discounts to your customers to increase sales and create customer loyalty to better compete with the larger convenience retailers.


Connect to PDI Marketing Cloud Loyalty Host

Spend more time on activities that drive value, and less time on administration and execution. By integrating your POS, bring your operational and customer data together to drive insights that will help optimize your tobacco loyalty program.


Integrates Directly with Your POS

You can easily integrate your POS with Tobacco Loyalty to track tobacco purchases that are being scanned. Reports are automatically created from the tobacco scan data that is submitted to your vendors.


Tobacco Manufacturer Program Categories*


Exact scan data amounts and discounts available to your customers should be validated with your tobacco
manufacturer rep to account for state-by-state restrictions and qualification requirements.

* Tobacco manufacturer programs are subject to change at any time.

What You Need to Get Started


• A windows-based PC onsite and connected with your POS system

• A Gilbarco Passport or Verifone Commander/Sapphire POS system

• Tobacco Scan Data credentials from RJR and/or Altria

• Must be scanning at the register

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What is Scan Data Loyalty Program and how is it different from the Scan Data submissions that I am currently doing?
The Scan data program is designed to give retailers additional rebates for sharing their tobacco product sales with tobacco brands. In addition to possible per item rebates, tobacco companies also offer options for you the get the 2pack discounts to be funded by the brand. By participating in the Scan Data Program, you may qualify for your multipack discounts to be fully funded by the tobacco brands. In addition to the Scan Data Program, the Scan Data Loyalty program allows you to offer additional discounts to your customers via a loyalty rewards program. This, like the multipack discounts, is also funded by your tobacco brand.  For example, if your just enrolled in the Scan Data Program, if you sell a 2 pack with a  “Save $0.50 on 2 packs” promotions, the $0.50 will be rebated to you from your tobacco brand. If you are enrolled in the Scan Data Loyalty Program, and you have a “Save $0.50 on 2 packs” promotions as well as a “$0.25 off for loyalty customers” offer, then the tobacco brand will give you a rebate of $0.75. With the Scan Data Loyalty Program, you are able to sell selected tobacco products for a cheaper price then the competition and without losing any margins.

Do you send all my data or just tobacco data to the brand?
As part the scan data submission requirements from the tobacco brands, only tobacco data is submitted to the brands. We do not send any non-tobacco products as part of the submission file. Furthermore, its important to know that when submitting files to the brands, they require that all tobacco products be submitted, not just the products they supply. This means that RJR will get data for Altria and vis versa.

I'm already submitting scan data via my back office system, do I still need this and if so, why?
Yes. If you are already submitting scan data via your current back office system, you may not be taking full advantage of the scan data program. This is because the scan data program for brands have 2 components, the multipack program (Scan Data Program) and the loyalty program (Scan Data Loyalty Program). Typically, back office systems do have the loyalty portion of the scan data submission. Thus to take full advantage of the program, many corporates participate in both so they can drive prices down for the consumers and stay competitive.