By PDI CStore Essentials Team on May 08, 2017

Make Money using PDI CStore Essentials

We would like to announce a new integration that will allow you to start earning money with your PDI CStore Essentials account.
With this simple add-on, you can send your cigarette scan data to tobacco companies (such as Altria and RJR) and receive additional revenues to your stores, ranging from about $100 to $200 per week per store. This add-on is available for Multiple store plan customers (Premium). 
First of all, you need to contact your tobacco company representative to verify this program is available in your region and get approval. Once you are accepted into the program, learn how to launch the new scan data feature in your account and submit the reports in this article about Cigarette Scan Data Reporting in our help center
The article outlines the 3 simple steps you need to do in order to start earning money:
1. Get approval from your rep and pass the validation process
2. Set up the data transfer process in your CStore Essentials account
3. Submit the reports to your cigarette company
For more information please log into your account and click on the "?" button to reach out to your dedicated support agent. 
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Published by PDI CStore Essentials Team May 8, 2017