Read how Hut Enterprises LTD optimized their processes with PDI CStore Essentials to eliminate outdated, time-consuming procedures and improve the bottom line.


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Salman is the chief operations manager for Hut Enterprises LTD, a family of convenience stores and gas stations that originally started in 1989 and now manages 18 stores in the Southwest area.


Before using PDI CStore Essentials, Hut Enterprises LTD was using four different systems to keep tabs on all 18 stores under their brand. Having to manage the paperwork across all stores and create a unified, effective process that employees could simply implement proved to be very complicated and labor-intensive.

The systems they were using were not technologically advanced, forcing Salman to work long hours at the office to cross-reference data from different sources to figure out the stores' margins.  


Implementing new software on a group of 18 stores is complex—having to connect to several POS systems, streamline separate services, and train employees from various departments to use an alternative approach to the one they have been using for years. With PDI CStore Essentials, Salman feels that he finally has an ecosystem where everything can be managed from one room, rather than trying to fit his operations to different systems with varied methods and workflows.

“PDI CStore Essentials supported us all the way through the installation and implementation of the software, making sure everything was covered, everyone was trained properly, and nothing was overlooked. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and it didn’t take much time for my team, from pricing managers to the accounting department, to get a grab on it.”

Salman | Hut Enterprises LTD


Rolling out PDI CStore Essentials in all the stores allowed Salman to change the time and labor-consuming processes of his operations. He applied simple solutions offered by PDI CStore Essentials, and by doing so he gained back control over merchandise inventory, lottery, and pricebook.

"Utilizing the tools PDI CStore Essentials provides us, we eliminated the items entry process which involved sending data via email by store-level employees and re-entering the data into an accounting software for analysis. This enabled us to better use our manpower, dive deeper into the tools and get better margins for our cstores.”

From initial installation, through implementation on a daily basis, the PDI CStore Essentials team has been supporting Salman and his employees to ensure a smooth adjustment to the changes and progress led by the new software. Tasks that were taking them days to accomplish now only take mere hours and they were able to minimize human errors by optimizing their working tactics and operations approach.
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