With PDI CStore Essentials live sales, Dilli has improved efficiency and increased profit across his stores.


35 stores

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150 employees

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3 years with
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10% growth in profits

Dilli is a store supervisor for GoodWay, a small chain of independently operated convenience stores that started in 2007. GoodWay manages 35 stores all over the East Coast and Midwest.


Before using PDI CStore Essentials, GoodWay struggled to keep track of all the services they were offering in their stores. They wasted a lot of time and money trying to collect data from their vendors and suppliers and compared everything with their bank reports. Ensuring all the stores' items were updated frequently with the correct price and quantity was also a big challenge.


Dilli started with a PDI CStore Essentials trial account after using a different service provider, which he felt just wasn’t enough for the complexity and the needs of his stores and teams. Starting with the inventory management tools, Dilli soon found the features to be exactly what he was looking for—a one-stop-shop for all inventory, pricebook, reports, and day-to-day operations. 

"We have used a different back office software before, but PDI CStore Essentials has so many extra features the other company doesn't offer, plus the price is way cheaper."

Dilli |GoodWay


With PDI CStore Essentials' live sales, Dilli can see everything that is happening in all the stores and make informed decisions, whether it’s from his laptop or his mobile phone. He can do this from anywhere, and with the time and efforts he saves each day by not having to physically visit each store, he invests back into growing his business, like adding auto services.

“We love the live data in PDI CStore Essentials. We can track all the sales, activities, inventory changes and promotions. We can monitor employees actions, see voids and refund alerts in every single store from one dashboard and investigate any money losses, which allows us to minimize related issues.” 

With the freedom to manage all stores activities from anywhere and anytime, Dilli has effectively optimized his time allocations, freeing more towards business initiatives, expansion opportunities, and extra family time.

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