Scan Data and
Brand Promotions


  • Increase customer loyalty
    • Brand-funded rebate opportunities
    • Link out to Altria digital coupons
  • Easy Access to Deals Webpage
    • Customers can scan QR code to see offers from smartphone
  • In-store signage for advertisements provided

How to Participate

1. Sign up for the CStore Essentials Tobacco Loyalty Plan
2. Complete installation and add scan data
3. Contact us to get in touch with a Sales Representative
  • Retailer must provide consent form to Altria
  • Add UPCs to your POS (enable Tier 2 Digital Coupons)
  • Download and print signage for display

Altria Digital Trade Program

Participate in Altria's Scan Data Program (Tier 1)
(Altria pays per line item for qualifying tobacco transactions)
Provide customers with access to digital coupons (Tier 2)
Offer higher loyalty discount rates (Tier 2)

Brand Funded Promotions


Provide your customers with offers from top brands
End users receive cash back when they purchase promoted items
Upload receipts and connect to Venmo or PayPal for pay out

Ready to get started with CStore Essentials?

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