Make Foodservice Packaging Work For You

Make Foodservice Packaging Work For You

One of the hottest trends in today’s grab-and-go market is freshly prepared food. Whether it’s sandwiches, hummus and vegetables, fresh fruit, or simply a cup of coffee, consumers are leaning toward quick, fresh, and packaged items. 

But did you know that as a business owner, the packaging those grab-and-go options come in can be a fantastic marketing opportunity for you? As a representation of you and your business, they can serve as an effortless way to get your business’s name and logo out there.

Brand Ambassador

When you see someone carrying a bag from your local supermarket, it might just jog your memory into thinking “Oh, that’s right! I need to stop at the store and grab bread on my way home!”


What about when you see a cup from Starbucks? Suddenly you might crave some coffee, and you know exactly where you’re going to get it. There’s no reason your store’s foodservice packaging should be any different.


When people buy your product and take it with them to work, to a meeting, or to the soccer field, other people will see the packaging they’re carrying with them. Whether they have a full-scale conversation about it or not is irrelevant; seeing your name and logo is the important thing.


Sure, using blank, non-descript packages is less expensive, but you’re missing out on valuable mobile real estate for your business.

Let’s Talk About The Materials

While consumers are now craving fresh, healthy, ready-to-go food options, they’re also craving earth-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging. The plastic of yesteryear is quickly becoming more and more the enemy of the today’s consumers.


If you’re heart-set on using plastic though, research into the world of biodegradable plastics, like No. 5 polypropylene! Insulated polypropylene retains heat just as well as foam, but is entirely recyclable.


There are also so many plant-based materials made of straw, wheat, and even mushrooms that are coming onto the market.


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Make It Easier On Your Business

Aside from making your new found foodservice packaging unique by placing your company’s logo, slogan, etc. on it, in many cases you can also make it your own by incorporating a unique SKU, PLU, or barcode right on the packaging.


This feature makes it much easier for your cashiers to ring up your products without having to recall a PLU or SKU from memory. This means:


  • Less room for human error when ringing up customers
  • Greater inventory management and accounting
  • More accurate daily reports
  • Better tracking of individual items, including subcategories. This is especially useful for C-stores that may lump all coffees, all sandwiches, or all soups into a single PLU. Knowing that the French vanilla coffee or the turkey sandwich sells better than other products in the same generic category is helpful for planning orders, specials, or promotions.


Incorporating a feature like this onto every foodservice package while using our live monitoring system will make tracking the sale of your pre-prepared food items a breeze. Along with tracking the sales of pre-prepared food items, you’ll also be able to track your package inventory, so you’ll never run out of cups or containers again!

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