Use Lottery Software to Reduce Hours of Work

Use Lottery Software to Reduce Hours of Work

While scratch tickets and quick picks are a sure fire way to boost sales, keeping track of lottery tickets is a real hassle. This is especially true when you, or a clerk are trying to close out their day and have a lot of lottery readings to take.

Add to that, an industry that is constantly changing, adding new games, and upping the ante (so to speak), and things can get really tricky. Thankfully, there’s lottery management software available that handles the hassle.

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Chances are, your store is already using manual readings on clipboards or Excel for your lottery tracking. While this is accurate, it’s also incredibly tedious, especially for an hourly employee. Another route to take is the use of an online lottery software management program.

More C-stores and gas stations are already making the switch to online software for many of their processes, and it makes sense that the next leap would be lottery management to head online.

Properly implemented, lottery management software allows a level of control that is unattainable with manual readings or Excel spreadsheets. The many benefits include:

  • Know Your Top Selling Games: Easily see which games perform the best
  • Get Accurate Totals: Precisely know your daily, weekly, and monthly scratch-off and lotto sales
  • Complete Pack Tracking: Know your sales, track your inventory. Complete tracking from delivery, to activation, to settlement.
  • Support For Vending Machines: Easy integration with popular lottery vending machines
  • Save Time on Day Closings: Quicker, more efficient closing procedures, day after day
  • Easy Reconciliation: Cross-check your weekly statements against pack settlements, payouts, and sales
  • Support Multiple Games: Easily add popular new games. Integrate fully with lottery vending machine systems.
  • Catch Employee Errors: Easy tracking and reconciliation makes finding and correcting errors a snap.
  • Monitor Your Lottery: Easily check sales and inventory from home with online lottery software


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Don’t Gamble On Your Profits

Lottery sales represent a significant percentage of your c-stores overall revenue. With more games coming out regularly, there’s never been a better time to make your lottery sales more efficient. That’s why lottery management programs are a great idea for any c-store owner who is looking to free up time and resources, and really get the most out of their lottery revenue. Given the benefits, is it worth it? You can bet on it.


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