Updates to PDI CStore Essentials Payroll

Updates to PDI CStore Essentials Payroll

Recently we rolled out two improvements to our Payroll module based on your feedback and our continuous efforts to meet your ongoing needs.

The payroll module in PDI CStore Essentials allows store owners and managers to track their employees’ working hours and generate payroll reports like time sheets and taxes summary and even print paychecks directly. They can customize their settings (taxes, expenses category, overtime, etc.) and create a dashboard for their employees to enter their working hours on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.

For more information about Payroll, including specific features and step by step instructions, please visit our help center.

#1 Set next payroll start date for an employee

In this update, we added the ability for store managers to set the next payroll period start date for each employee in the system. Prior to this change, the start date would automatically calculate for the employee based on his previous payroll dates. In case there is a need to start a new payroll cycle (for example when an employee returns to the store after some time off), all there is to do is simply go to Payroll>Employee list>Update an employee> and update the relevant field as shown in the screenshot below:  


Next payroll period start date.png

#2 Show Overtime Breakdown on Pay Stub

Here we added a new functionality in the module’s settings to easily add a breakdown of overtime hours rates for individual employees on their pay stubs. Depending on state  payroll regulations, some customers can display overtime hours as a lump sum in the paychecks, while others should break the hours down by base rate and by overtime rates (1.5/2 times the base rate). To use this settings, please go to Payroll>Settings>”Show overtime hours breakdown on paychecks”. When this is marked “Yes”, the printed pay stubs will include a breakdown of the overtime hours.


 Show overtime breakdown.jpg

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