Gas Station Management: What you can do to keep Customers Returning

Gas Station Management: What you can do to keep Customers Returning

While the two main attractions for a gas station customer are pricing and convenience, there are other ways you can win their loyalty and keep them coming back to you. It may not seem important but maintaining your gas station – both inside and out – can considerably improve your image and reputation among your customers. Remember, customers have a habit of talking about their positive experiences, and if they find your convenience store clean, well-stocked, and safe, they are going to definitely share it with their friends and family.

Here are some useful tips you can use to make your gas station customers happy and returning:

#1 Stock-up your Convenience Store

A good way to build credibility among customers is to keep your convenience store fully stocked at all times with basic merchandize they may want to buy. You can use a gas station management system to keep track of your inventory, expiration dates of products, and maintain a schedule for replenishing your stock.

#2 Competitive Pricing

As mentioned at the beginning, pricing is one of the main attractions to your c-store customers. Keeping the prices of gasoline below, or comparable, to other gas stations in the vicinity can drastically affect your sales. Moreover, it is a brilliant way to get repeat and loyal customers, who may want to shop at your gas station every time they need to fuel up and get necessary supplies.

#3 Offer Several Services

Customers love to shop from a c-store that offers several services. For example, car washes, ATMs, coffee islands, pharmacy, liquor sales, and others. Find out what goods and services your customers are seeking to determine what additional services you should offer to them. You can have them fill a feedback form for suggestions or personally ask them at the checkout counter.


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#4 Excellent Customer Service

Nothing can put off a customer like unsatisfactory customer service. It is essential to make sure that your staff is courteous and friendly, and is capable of providing great customer service. You can get feedback from your customers, and ask them whether there are any improvements you can make to enhance their experience when they visit your store next time. Based on their feedback, you can determine whether they are happy with your staff or want to suggest some changes.  

#5 Overall Appearance

A clean, well-lit, good-looking store is something that catches customers’ eyes and compels them to enter your convenience store. The driveway, landscape, trash bins, dispensers, and exterior of your premises are the first things customers see. So make sure that your convenience store as well as the gas station looks good from all angles. If it is unappealing, many customers will just drive past it. That is why you should pay attention to how your gas station looks.  


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