Keeping Up With Amazon Go: How Can Convenience Store Software Help You

Keeping Up With Amazon Go: How Can Convenience Store Software Help You

Amazon is soon to be bringing its tech-based shopping out into the real world with the launch of Amazon Go. Billed as the convenience store of the future, Amazon Go is already making waves in the industry, helped by its long-standing history of retail perfection.

Amazon’s history of innovation and next level technology begs the question of whether Amazon Go will be simply a “cool” store like Apple’s stores, or will it truly transform our concept of convenience store shopping?


Changing the Game

With Amazon Go, the retail giant’s goal is to eliminate any waiting whatsoever while also streamlining the payment process. Customers will come in, grab whatever they need, and simply walk out. There’s no checkout line, no cash registers, and no waiting in line.  

As technology continues to enhance and improve our lives, it’s no surprise that the mandate for faster, more efficient service has come to the convenience store. Amazon Go signals a move to bring a truly convenient shopping experience to the convenience store industry.

The convenience doesn’t stop with the customer either. Amazon Go will also benefit from streamlined inventory management and overall operations. Exciting things are happening with convenience store software, and it is in this way that the entire industry can benefit.


Convenience Store Software

Traditional convenience stores are poised to adapt and evolve to a changing market. One of the ways this can be achieved is through innovative new convenience store software. While an all-our approach like Amazon Go is not feasible for smaller operators, the embracement of new technology can help keep them competitive.

Among the many benefits that new software offers:

  • Streamlined lottery service
  • Better inventory control and management
  • Live monitoring
  • Fuel management
  • Multi-store management
  • And more!

Through these improvements, convenience store managers can effectively cut down on lines and wait time, while also improving overall profitability.

With an eye towards improving operations, convenience store software features like the ones above can help take a smaller operation to the next level of competition and remain competitive going into the future.


The Future of The Industry

Convenience store owners are well aware that their customer’s shopping experience is different from a traditional supermarket. With a refreshed approach, such as with Amazon Go, new possibilities are being opened up in the industry. In fact, In an article written by Howard Riell in Convenience Store Decisions Magazine, Mr. Riell sums up the future of the convenience store industry in this way:


The primary value proposition of the convenience industry - as with all retailing segments - will have to be radically redefined

New convenience store software innovation is certainly one of the many ways that the industry is going to be redefined in the coming years. Amazon Go may be the most visible creature in the industry right now, but that future is far from certain. As is the case with many industries, it is the small businesses operators that dictate the future. This is an exciting time for operators to be a part of that future and to embrace many of the wonderful new opportunities that are both here already, and right around the corner.





 Photo Source: Amazon.com

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