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David is the General Manager for Big Johns Stores in Alaska. The small chain started in 2013 and now manages 3 stores with over 30 employees.

Before using PDI CStore Essentials, Big Johns stores was losing thousands of dollars each month on each store, due to lack of inventory control and overspending. Pricing wasn’t consistent across stores and they didn’t know how much they were selling. These roadblocks caused them to base their purchasing decisions on guesses most of the time instead of real data.


Understanding from an early stage the importance of a back office system, Big Johns worked with a third party company when David joined the team more than a year ago.  David soon found their existing back office system to be extremely complicated and very expensive, not providing the tools and results they needed to succeed.


David researched online for a better solution provider, and from the first page on the website, he knew he had found the answers to their needs.

"Simplicity, control, being able to monitor everything that is happening in the store, CStorePro is perfect for us. When something is wrong we know immediately and fix it, when something is right, we keep it - you don’t need anything else really."
David |
Big Johns Stores

Price Book management is David’s favorite feature in PDI CStore Essentials. He is now able to see what inventory is moving and order appropriately, in addition to having all items priced correctly, eliminating the tendency to speculate.

"We cut our losses on over-buying and over-stocking using PDI CStore Essentials. Before, our inventory system was horrible and extremely time-consuming. Now it’s so simple and intuitive that with just a few button clicks you can create an order based on actual sales data, live and available, and not on guesses. If you are looking for a simple system that does what it’s supposed to do and more, with easy setup and experienced customer service, PDI CStore Essentials is definitely the product for you.”

Using the product daily in the stores, David and his team have gained more control, improved efficiency and increased profit, giving them the opportunity to execute their expansion plan into two more locations, and adding premium gas services in the existing stores.

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