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Single Store
Perfect if you own and operate one store and want access to the entire PDI CStore Essentials back office suite.
per month per store
  • 1 User Account
  • POS Integration
    Two-way communications with your POS register, to send price changes, promotions and receive sales data
  • Mobile app for monitoring + control on the go
    Live transactions, voids and no-sales, z reports, manual ring-ups, price changes, etc.
  • Price Book + Inventory management
    Manage prices, promotions, purchases and item-level inventory
  • Manage Fuel, Lottery + all other services
    Track sales, settlements and profits for all CStore services including fuel, lottery, credit cards, deli, money orders, EBT, and more
  • Automated + customizable day reports tool
    Customize day reports based on your unique business processes and services and automate with data from POS registers
  • Unlimited Reports
    See detailed sales, margins, inventory, P&L and cash flow reports for your store
  • Employees timesheets and payroll management
  • Banking + reconciliations
    Cross verify your bank statements against expected financial activity based on your day reports
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Multiple Stores
Access the full PDI CStore Essentials plus unlimited users, multi-store management, and extra security.
per month per store
  • All Single Store Features PLUS:
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Link multiple stores to one user account
  • Customizable user access
    Set up different access levels for each login account based on their roles (employee, manager, owner, partner, CPA)
  • Advanced login protections
    Protect against password leaks by enabling 2-step authentication, IP address and time restrictions
  • Central Price Book
    Manage prices for multiple stores from one screen
  • Multi-Store Dashboard
    See critical control points for all stores in one screen
  • Multi-Store Reports
    Consolidated reports to see data from all stores at once
Start 30 Day Free Trial
All trials include our multiple store features. After 30 days, you can switch to any plan or continue with a free light version.
Does not include communication with a POS register and advanced features

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All plans include:

Easy-to-use mobile app
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Data & Account Security

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?
The free trial includes all of our multiple store features so that you can experience the full capabilities of PDI CStore Essentials. During the trial, you have full access to our support and training resources. When the trial ends you can choose the plan that best suits your needs or continue with a free, light version of the software.
Do I get any help?

Of course! We want to help you use our product to its full potential. For any question, you can:

  1. Visit our Help Center and search our knowledge base.
  2. Reach out using the live chat in your account.
  3. Use our Contact Us page for phone details, email options and working hours.
Is training included?

Yes, we offer all our customers:

  1. Free online webinars on various topics
  2. Full help center with helpful articles and step by step videos
  3. 1-on-1 web based training
Are there any contracts?
No, there is no commitment or contracts. All charges are month-to-month. You can cancel your account or change your plan at any time.
Is there an upfront cost for PDI CStore Essentials?
No, there are no upfront costs for our software. There is basic hardware that you will need to connect to your POS register (i.e. computer, cables, etc.). Some customers also get optional handheld scanners for inventory and delivery receiving. You can buy the hardware from us or from any online vendor. Depending on the hardware you buy, you may incur some one-time charges.
What hardware items do I need?
At the very least, you will need a computer. If you want the price book feature, you will need a kit to connect your back office computer to your POS register. The kit cost is $75 and you can purchase it from us or any office supply store. Some customers also get optional handheld scanners for nightly lottery readings, inventory and delivery receiving.
Which handheld scanners does PDI CStore Essentials support?

We support several scanners and configurations, from camera-based to Bluetooth and laser scanning. Here are some recommendations to help you choose the right device for you:

  1. Mobile phone camera (Good) - You can use our free app with camera on your iOS or Android phone to do all the functions that you can from most handheld scanners.
  2. Socket Bluetooth Scanner (Better) - Attach the Socket Scanner to the back of your mobile device for faster, more ergonomic scanning. Approximate price: $275
  3. CipherLab RS30 Laser Scanner (Best) - Use a dedicated mobile handheld scanner for super fast results. Approximate price: $850
If I cancel, what happens to my data?
Once you cancel you have the option to either remove your data from the system completely or get read-only access (view, print, download) to all your reports.
Is my data secure?
Of course. PDI CStore Essentials uses the same technology that online banks and brokerages use to transmit your data over the Internet. Your data is stored safely on servers in industry leading professionally managed data centers.
Is my data backed up?
Yes. We automatically back up your updated data every day, and maintain two copies of your data at any time. Your data is stored on firewall protected, redundant servers, protecting it from viruses, hackers and hardware and software failures.
What happens if the internet is down?
If the Internet connection at your location is down you won't be able to access your PDI CStore Essentials account. However, your POS register will still be available and you will be able to use it as normal.