See how PDI CStore Essentials back office software saves you time, increases profits, and gives you control of your business.

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Monitor and Control Everything

Instantly see every transaction happening at your store, from your phone or your computer. Get full receipts with line voids, transaction voids, no sale alerts, monitor manual ring ups and more.
Easily see which items are moving and how you can make more money by evaluating margins and total profit. Most importantly, you can make price changes on your POS register directly from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Easily run promotions and track your item sales, margins and profits.
With the PDI CStore Essentials inventory tracking system, you can manage inventory at the item level without countless hours of work and additional overhead. PDI CStore Essentials does the work of inventory tracking for you, by keeping track of what you are selling and making it easy to receive new purchases.

Manage Your Entire Store

Save time and stay on top of operations with automated, customized day reports. Simply set up your categories and departments, and store services, and PDI CStore Essentials will take care of the rest. We will automatically pull sales data from your POS register and build your day reports.
Whether you have commission based gas or full ownership, PDI CStore Essentials lets you customize your setup so you can easily manage deliveries, payments, credit cards, jobber card, gas cash cards and environmental tank reports. You will know exactly how much you are selling and your pool margins.
Take the hassle out of lottery management. With PDI CStore Essentials you can quickly take scratch-off day and shift readings by simply scanning what’s on the shelf. You can also manage pack inventory by keeping track of deliveries, activations and settlements.

Grow With Confidence

Get answers to your questions, when you need them. See detailed sales, margins, inventory, P&L and cash flow reports for all your stores.
Streamline multi-store management by connecting them all to one account. Monitor location trends, and isolate transactions for a particular store or even an individual employee. Get a snapshot of sales and profits across all your stores from our universal dashboard and consolidated reports.
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