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So, you’re scanning at the POS, but now what? While most convenience retailers have progressed to scanning items at the register, many still struggle to maximize that data in a way that produces actionable insights about their c-stores.

There has been an undeniable trend in tax increases, regulations, and policy changes surrounding the distribution and sale of cigarettes. With tighter margins and dwindling volumes, it might seem easy to overlook the cigarette category and look to other tobacco products for the future.

Convenience stores are a place shoppers often go for daily essentials and even items they don’t know they need. With a customer base populated largely by people on the move, it can be difficult to pin down sales trends.

Sadly, Instagram marketing is an overlooked aspect of retail store management. Do customers really care what your store is up to? After all, feeds from corporate chains aren’t exactly inspiring.

For small to medium sized retail shops, customer engagement can be the difference you’re looking for. Of all social media platforms, Instagram offers the best opportunity to present a personal persona for your brand. For a non-corporate retail store, this is crucial.

So your retail store is selling quite well. You might even have your own line of products. All is going well, for the most part. That is, until you hit that dry month. Nobody knows why. Your customers could be losing interest. It could be a retail management error. Some months bring almost no revenue. One month turns into several. At that point, you have a trail of uncertainty to worry about.

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