Instagram Marketing Strategy: The Key To Connecting With Customers

Instagram Marketing Strategy: The Key To Connecting With Customers

Sadly, Instagram marketing is an overlooked aspect of retail store management. Do customers really care what your store is up to? After all, feeds from corporate chains aren’t exactly inspiring.

For small to medium sized retail shops, customer engagement can be the difference you’re looking for. Of all social media platforms, Instagram offers the best opportunity to present a personal persona for your brand. For a non-corporate retail store, this is crucial.

Fleshing out an Instagram marketing strategy can seem overwhelming. Luckily, getting started on Instagram is neither complicated nor time-consuming. A personalized feed offers a strong brand presence, increased customer engagement and as a result, increased sales.


Craft Your Feed Wisely

Your Instagram feed is the face of your brand, just like your employees. This is a good thing! Promotional ads have their place. Instagram is not one of them. You have the opportunity to show what spirit and lifestyle your brand embodies.

Make sure each post creates a consistent narrative for your brand. Take a look at Bonobos. They encourage customers to wear their apparel by featuring customer photos on their Instagram page. This increases customer engagement, advertises their product, and creates a brand narrative. Can’t lose!  Just remember, Instagram customers don’t want ads shoved in their face. They want to see real people and their experiences.

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Connect With Your Customers

Instagram is a personalized social platform. Utilize it! You have the opportunity to personally interact with your customers. Genuine comments show that you listen.


When crafting your Instagram marketing strategy, consider what successful retail businesses do.


  • Joining big events. Hashtags and locations allow you to invite customers to join in on the fun! American Express is a prime example, giving insider looks on their attended events.
  • Creating challenges for your customers. Sharpie does this beautifully by featuring customer drawings. The drawings use nothing but sharpies. Quite impressive, and a fun idea!
  • Appealing to your customer’s interests and hobbies. Redbull’s wildly successful Instagram page features nothing but high-adrenaline activity.


Customers who engage with you and your employees are more likely to purchase from you. Larger companies spit out automated, generic responses. Show customers that you’re there for them!


Be Transparent

Don’t create a questionable brand. Customers want to know they’re buying from an authentic business. Can you show what your employees are up to? Post it! Can you take a snap or two in the factory where your products are made? Customers may find that interesting.


Customers have questions. A transparent company creates a level of authenticity that most retail stores don’t have. More importantly, trust.


Your Instagram Marketing Strategy: Conclusion

As a retailer, the world of Instagram marketing is a fantastic place to start. By simply showing what you represent, you create trust with current customers while dragging in new ones. This creates room for creative promotions in the future!


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