Eliminating C-Store Waste

Eliminating C-Store Waste

In any business, excessive waste can lead to real problems. Beyond the time and effort it takes to manage, there can be harsh fines and penalties involved. Looking forward, there may be additional EPA regulations on the horizon that could become even more costly down the line.


With the grab-and-go life many people live today, it makes sense to carry products that come pre-packaged in disposable containers. Combined with the number of boxes, paper cups, napkins, and other items, c-stores generate a lot of waste.


Beyond foodservice, retail stores generate an enormous amount of paper in the form of inventory, accounting, and other office materials. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. C-stores now have options to not only cut back on their waste, but improve their management of the waste they do generate.


Ways to Reduce

The first step in eliminating C-store waste is to reduce the amount that is generated, or improve the way it is managed. It is unlikely that you will be able to completely cut out all waste, however there are ways to make it more manageable.


Consider implementing the following waste reduction measures:


  • If you are receiving fresh food, ask your provider if you can receive your shipment in reusable shipping containers. This not only minimizes the waste your store produces, but also costs your provider less money in terms of shipping materials cost long-term.
  • Incorporate a recycling system to your store’s operations. Instead of throwing away recyclable items, you could make a weekly trip to your local recycling facility, or have your waste disposal company come pick it up for you. Beyond being environmentally forward, there may be opportunities for attractive tax breaks.
  • Invest in warm air dryers in place of paper towels in the restrooms. This will greatly reduce the amount of customer and employee generated paper waste.
  • Talk to your waste disposal company and getting recycling containers put on-site next to your trash containers for your customers to use.
  • Implement cloud-based back office management software. Effectively reduce paper waste and take your inventory management, daily reporting, and price book management to the cloud in one streamlined, efficient program.


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Reducing Waste Is a Win-Win Situation

Managing C-store waste will not only make your business more environmentally friendly; it can help save your store money in the long run. Reducing paper products will lower your recurring monthly expenses, and implementing a recycling program may pay off in the form of tax relief.


Utilizing new back office management software, you will be able to reduce the need for paper inventory management. Say goodbye to clipboards, pencils, and more importantly: paper inventory sheets that get lost in a sea of other papers on your desk.


Another perk of using a back-office program is the price book management feature. This allows c-store owners to control prices from anywhere, add or update products, as well as create combinations and promotions with ease.


As far as cutting back on waste is concerned, historical data is saved and past reports are easily generated. Want to compare previous weeks, months, or even years? No more fumbling through a storage room, searching for the right file in the right box. All reports are stored securely in your cloud-based application for easy search and recall when needed.


Implementing environmentally conscious business practices is the right thing to do. When doing so improves the efficiency of store operations, AND saves you money, it’s a win-win situation. The environment, and your bottom line will thank you.


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