PDI CStore Essentials Reports: Improvements

PDI CStore Essentials Reports: Improvements

Recently we made some changes to the PDI CStore Essentials reports based on feedback from our customers. 

The main changes are:

  • We added the option to view data for all entries in the following reports (regardless of the category):
  1. Expenses report- Report Type> Details, Category> All
  2. Income report- Type> Details,  Income Sources> All
  3. Profit Withdrawal report- Report Type> Details, Withdrawal by> All
  4. General Accounts report- Report Type> Details, Loan account> All
  5. Grocery Purchase report- Report Type> By vendor details, Vendor> All. This report now also provides subtotal amounts for each vendor.
  • Store Profit report - Food Stamp fees are counted as an expense line item.  Previously, they were counted as negative income to handle special circumstances in specific states.


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