PDI CStore Essentials Product Enhancements Update  - February 2017

PDI CStore Essentials Product Enhancements Update  - February 2017

We are constantly developing our products to introduce new features and improve your experience. Here are some of the updates we launched recently.


  • Store Profit Report - We have modified the store profit report to show foodstamps fees as an expense rather than a negative income. 


  • Credit Card Settlements- When you add a new bank entry type (Bank> Bank Entries> +), you can choose two additional bank entry types: "Credit Card 2 settlement" and "Credit Card 3 settlement":

bank entry.png


  • Save report button - When submitting a day report, the "Save Report" button is now disabled while the page is loading and being submitted. This is to prevent multiple submissions that cause redundant deposit entries.


  • "Source" drop down menu in Expense Report and Income report - We split the Source drop down menu into two menus called: Entry Source (All, Store, Deli) and Payment Method (All, Cash, Direct Bank, Via Jobber). The change was done to align the source inputs between reports:

    source type and payment method menus_cstorespro product updates..png

  • Fixed Price Book Monitoring report - On initial load, the report now shows only the unverified items in your price book. Additionally, if an item is verified, it will no longer appear in the unverified list and the checkbox will be removed, indicating that this item has already been verified:

    CStorePro product updates_pricebook monitoring.jpg


Did you read about our new "Switch Store" functionality? Click here to learn more. 

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