C-store Grocery Profit Reports: Your Way

C-store Grocery Profit Reports: Your Way

A convenience store grocery profit report can be produced based on three calculation methods: profit by category margins, profit by scanned items margins and profit based on inventory change.


#1 Profit by category margins


In this report the grocery profit is calculated automatically by the system according to your default category margins (set in account settings during initial setup).

This report can be found in the reports center: Reports center>Profits>Grocery>Report type By Margin>Run report:


Grocery profits_report only.png



#2 Profit by scanned items margins


Now in CstorePro, you can check the amount of profit derived from scanned items including the associated cost. You can also see the total amount of the items that are either manually rung up (un-scanned) or are scanned but have no associated cost (0 cost).

Note: This report is only accurate if you are scanning the majority of your items and have set a cost for each of them.

You can find this report under POS Data>Reports>Profits by Scanned Item>Report type (category/department)>Run report:


margins by actual sales.png


This is an excellent report for c-store owners and managers who want more accurate realized margin calculations for their departments. In addition, this allow them to track items scanned without cost or the level of manual sales, per department.


#3 Profit by inventory change


In this method the profit is calculated based on the change between the store’s opening inventory and closing inventory. To generate this report go to Grocery>Inventory Adjustments>Add new:


inventory change report.png


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