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Gas Station Service Attendant Job Description

Gas station service attendants are essential for running a successful gas station and convenience store.Proper training, guidance, and understanding of the position can lead to a seamless operation.

Daily responsibilities include opening/closing the store, performing transactions for retail and food products as well as fuel. Gas station attendants are also expected to keep the facility clean: from the bathrooms to the gas pumps themselves. Safety and cleanliness are a top priority for anyone working in attendant jobs, as it directly affects the customer’s experience.

The following gas attendant job description can be used as a guide to writing your own description when the time comes to hire new attendants, or to better train existing employees on expectations for their role.

Gas Station Service Attendant Compensation

Hourly pay for gas station service attendants ranges from $9 - $12 making an annual salary of $16,000 - $23,000.

The national average salary of those employed in gas station attendant jobs stands at $18,550 depending on location, company, experience, and local wage laws.

Typically overtime only applies for gas pump service attendants when they exceed 8 hours in a single work day, 20 hours in a work week (part-time) or 40 hours in a work week (full-time).

Gas station attendants can expect to work on all minor, and some major holidays. Gas stations are unique in that they are needed every day of year, making it essential to have employees who understand the expectation to be available year round. Many businesses offer their employees holiday pay for major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years Eve. Holiday pay is typically the usually pay rate plus half. Meaning if an employee is usually paid $10/hour they will be compensated $15/hour when working during a holiday.

Gas Station Worker Job Description

When creating a gas pump attendant job description for your business, remember to include tasks and responsibilities specific to the daily operations of your facility. While this example of a gas pump attendant job description is thorough, requirements may vary from station-to-station.

Additionally, the city and state your business is located in greatly determines the role of a gas station attendant. For example, in Oregon and New Jersey patrons are not permitted to pump their own gas, expanding the role of gas station attendants. In other states, full service gas stations are uncommon which changes the expectations of a gas pump service attendant.

The example below uses an imaginary station as sample of a gas station service attendant job description.

Position Title: Gas Station Service Attendant - Nene’s Station

Position Type: Full-time and part-time positions available


  • English
  • Spanish (recommended)

Compensation: Determined upon employment

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be eligible to work in the United States.
  • Early morning and overnight availability preferred.
  • High school diploma preferred

About Our Company

Here at Nene’s station we pride ourselves in providing the best service possible. As one of the only remaining full-service gas stations in the state, our goal is quality above all. We believe servicing and fueling your vehicle should be more than a tedious chore.

Our gas station service attendants are here to help! Whether it’s cleaning up a smudged windshield or filling your gas tank, Nene’s attendants are ready to assist with a smile. Rated #1 in customer service three years in a row, we are sure to exceed your expectations.

Your Role as a Service Attendant

Gas service attendants are at the forefront of customer service. Positive interactions with customers ensure repeat business in the future for any gas station/convenience store. Welcoming an incoming customer with a friendly smile and warm greeting goes a long way and assures they leave the premises with a positive impression of the station. Because every employee has also been a customer of a gas station, it is easy to know what should be expected out of a transaction. Employees should treat customers with respect, and make it clear that their business is appreciated.

Service Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

All Stations:

  • Oversee sale of gasoline and retail items - snacks, electronics, souvenirs etc.
  • Restock products to shelves, check expiration dates, ensure only fresh/intact products are sold.
  • Charge customers for cash and debit/credit card purchases using our POS system.
  • Provide customers with their change (if applicable) and a receipt upon purchase.
  • Initiate fuel pump upon payment from a customer.
  • Verify ID on lottery ticket sales and track lottery ticket sales in compliance with state law.
  • Check for valid ID for any attempted purchases of alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Keep inside and outside of property clear of garbage and mess (bathroom, floors, windows, exterior, gas pumps, shelves, counter, etc.).
  • Fill gas tanks upon request (dependent on state laws).
  • Regulate car wash operations.

Full-Service Station

  • Clean windshields upon request.
  • Address any questions or concerns raised by customers.
  • Check motor liquids such as water, oil, antifreeze, and washer fluid and replenish as needed.
  • Replace or charge car batteries, brakes, and spark plugs.
  • Install replacement windshield wipers.
  • Asses tire damage - fill, repair or replace as needed.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the police.

By creating a gas station service attendant job description that outlines the unique responsibilities employees will have at your station, you can attract enthusiastic hires who will great customers with great service and a great attitude. To see how to write a gas station manager job description, you can check out our post: Gas Station Manager Job Description.

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