Back Office Management Software: How Technology is Upping the Game

Back Office Management Software: How Technology is Upping the Game

One of the biggest changes hitting the C-Store industry comes in the form of new technology. Like other businesses, new apps and programs are emerging to make business life a little easier. The C-Store and gas station industries are no different. New technology, including back office management software is here to help.

On its own or integrated with existing systems, these cloud-based programs are shaking things up in a big way. With features dedicated towards inventory control, fuel management, and even real-time reporting; these programs are quickly becoming an essential part of the industry.

Integrate Back Office Management Systems

POS systems have gone largely unchanged in recent years. Newer additions, however, are utilizing cloud integration, which will solve many problems with one fell swoop. Everything from security to inventory management, including lottery tickets, can at least be partially integrated to cloud systems, making for faster behind the scenes operations and lower operating costs. In fact, many cloud software processes boast better data security and limit employee theft, which is worth the switch alone.

With full integration, POS software for convenience stores are also able to be utilized with a back office management system which can pull daily reports on sales and inventory. Calculate profit and loss statements with ease and get a detailed look at everything that’s going on behind the scenes.

Include Logistics Systems

The way Walmart, Amazon, and other newer competitors have C-Stores at a disadvantage is through their inventory management. One consideration in upgrading a store’s system is how easily integrated it is to warehousing and inventory purchase systems. Once a customer runs into a stockout, they may take their business elsewhere. But if you always have their favorite snack or the one thing that they came in to buy, you can boost customer loyalty.

Updated Fuel Purchases

One area that hasn’t seen much innovation in decades is fuel purchases. While C-Stores may not be able to control how fast a driver fills their tank, they can control the speed and ease of inventory and sales. Cloud software is beginning to emerge which constantly monitors fuel levels, sales, and reduces a pump running out of available fuel.  While many stores have actually tried to increase the amount of time a buyer is at the pump, they should be trying to do the exact opposite.


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Smartphone Integration

Smartphone integration is quickly becoming an important fact of life for most businesses. Improving customer experience is just one way businesses are taking convenience to the next level.

Another way C-Stores can stay ahead of the curve is by using smartphones to make their own lives easier. Inventory management, sales reconciliation, and real-time data can all be viewed from the convenience of a smartphone. Stay up to date whenever, and from wherever you need.

Embrace Technology or Get Left Behind

We live in an increasingly digital world. Embracing new technology is one of the best ways to stay at the forefront of the industry and remain competitive.



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